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Our mission with Video Marketing Boom is to provide our clients with juicy, raw video and audio content to use on your website, social media pages as well as in newsletters and blogs. This is a powerful medium with which to grow your brand! Thank you for your trust and for your business!

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During the podcast, Troy will be taking you down a path w/the following questions.

1. Where did you grow up? What was it like in the town you grew up? Who were your major influences as akid?
2. How did you get started in your career, and why did you decide on this industry/niche and why do you loveit?
3. What are some of the hard lessons you’velearned?

Q. How did you overcome those obstacles and how do you apply those lessonstoday!
4. [Place Holder for your 5-7questions]
5. What matters most to you? How do you give back to yourcommunity?
6. What is your vision for the future and how are you leading the way in yourindustry?

Q. What’s next and how will that upgrade your customer’s experience?

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Also, please attach an image file of your Company Logo with upload link or email it to the email address I would be using it on the podcast in frame. It’s going to look really cool!

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