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Content Strategy

Global Services Group has partnered with Content-Author.com for its content marketing strategy. We use a signature, hybrid blend that is designed to dominate online rankings from day one. It’s focused on a strong Return on Investment (ROI) that continues to drive strong leads and traffic for years to come.

How We Do It

1. Quality content is the first step.
2. Delivering something of value to the reader is incremental.
3. Knowing how to reach and engage the user comes next.
4. Driving consumer action via the content is the ultimate goal.

In order to make the most out of your content marketing methods, you’ll want to have a strong game plan in place from day one.

We’ll help you get there with our winning content marketing strategy that will help you not only reach your direct audience, but that will also help you engage your readers and even attract new readers that may not come from your organic demographic.

Our methods will drive more traffic to your online presence than ever before. And as we all very well know, traffic to your website equals conversions and a growing, loyal customer base.

Social Media Strategy

First, it is vital to understand that for all intents and purposes A Social Media Outlet is a Search Engine.

Our Social Media Strategy is a set up to be Catalyst for your Public Relations, Videos, Blogs, Podcasts, Memes, Images, and more. In fact, the more mediums we can do in combination with each Press Release, Blog distribution, Video syndication -the better. WHY? Because the more images, tags, videos, hyperlinks to PDFs, Informative Press releases that are anchored to your website and distributed/posted and syndicated through Social Media the more powerful the search strength you have AND the more likely it is that you go visceral, to stay visible, and to obtain sales traction, then momentum.

Everything we do at Global Services Group, when marketing for a client is we always begin with end in mind. In other words, we see and visualize your company ranking top of Google, Page one spot one, under several keywords with brand name newspapers and profound quotes by founders, CEOs, and key employees-long before we ever start the work. THEN-WE CREATE THAT REALITY.

Establish a Presence: The first thing we do to get you prepped for Search power is set you up in the top 25 Social Media outlets with a strong profile in order to reach Search Engines in the world.

Decide up on Search Terms and Phrases: We carefully tie your researched search terms and Key phrases and anchor each SM profile with these chosen search terms: (Short & Long Tail keywords)

Distribute content: These 25 Social Media Sites will host your Gorgeous Corporate Profiles and will serve as your future Distribution Outlets for reposting and syndicating your videos, blogs, MEMES, images, PDFs, Jpgs, Mp3s: These files are important to understand.

More Than Traditional PR: TARGET AND ENGAGE READERS TO TAKE ACTION Targeted publications such as magazines based specifically in Scottsdale. These Feature Stories are much different than press releases in that GSG will engage the editors and Publishers of the local publications through existing relationships.

More Than Traditional PR

Brand Development Developing a strong and memorable corporate identity is critical to marketplace success. Your brand is the core of your marketing image, that’s why we employ the best and brightest. Our expert branding team starts by taking into account your target market, your marketplace positioning goals & unique product offering. Our team then produces a variety of branding options that reflect a unique style, flare and most of all an iconic image to resonate with your target audience.

Fully Optimized, High Converting Landing Pages Not all landing pages are created equal. We employ the most cutting edge development strategies available to produce the highest converting sales funnels possible. Exhaustive A/B testing is implemented to improve upon conversions rates, user engagement & lower customer acquisition costs.

Custom Designed – Targeted, High Engagement Ad Sets Custom ad sets are designed for various applications to include PPC, Social Media & Targeted Ad Networks. Ads are designed and improved upon to gain maximum engagement & conversions.

Beautiful, Functional User Interface Design We believe that the key to creating great interaction design and great product offerings is finding the intersection between business needs, user needs, and technical implementation. Our team employs forward thinking strategies to ensure a seamless and pleasant user experience across all devices & platforms. The experience doesn’t end on the client side, we strive to deliver the most powerful and easy to use web based business tools as well with intuitive back end features & proprietary software systems.

Physical Media Not everything is web based despite what some may claim. Physical media still plays a huge role in our day to day brand interactions. Our synergistic approach helps bridge the gap between physical & digital with beautifully designed, flyers, brochures and billboards that incorporate mobile/digital interaction such a SMS text messaging, social media & more.

A full set of mockup / concepts produced after design consultation Example of Recent Brand Development – For Hillcrest, Prescott AZ ( Logo Design, Flyers, Brochure, Website & Landing Pages, PPC, SEO, PR, Video, SMS Marketing )


Getting publicity on a regular basis shows your customers and prospects that you are serious about your business. Getting found on the internet is the difference between winning or losing in business. By getting positive, education-based publicity about your company ranked highly on the search engines, your company gains an incredible advantage. Since 95% of customers do NOT go past page one while searching for something they want, can you really afford NOT to be on page one?


GSG Publicity is one of the first companies to unleash Hybrid SEO/PR/SM. This is Search Engine Marketing with Public Relations, Social Media and Video Marketing. By combining this powerful hybrid of marketing weapons, you are positioned to not only rank at the top of the search engines, but rank there in style that attracts new prospects and drives targeted, organic traffic in your direction that continues to grow over time, as you earmark prime pieces of web 2.0 real estate.


In order to achieve Publicity in 10 days, only the very best team will do. That’s why we have staffed our team with experienced professionals in the fields of press and public relations, SEO, social media, video production and custom software applications.


Our expert writers have published thousands of articles, press releases and blogs. We have faced deadlines and created something from nothing, thousands of times throughout our careers. We have literally branded companies overnight, established instant recognition and a strong social media presence, and launched product lines within ten days.

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