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Congratulations on your decision to take action, get publicity, and get found on today’s rapidly changing Internet. Here at 10 Day, we believe that the strongest foundation for Internet success is not only Content…but quality content. Anyone can blog, and most beginners do, but when we say quality content, we mean publicity. You see, when you are in a nationally recognized publication such as MSNBC, Yahoo, or CNN, USA Today, you are taken seriously. It’s not just content that is king; It’s Credibility! To begin our journey together a solid foundation begins with a press release. So lets get started!

We have some basic questions for you to answer so we can compose your press release. Please answer all of the questions that are provided below and submit this form to us. Upon submitting this form you will receive an acknowledgment email. We may contact you via email or telephone correspondence if we have any additional questions. Please try your best to keep your answers to about a paragraph. Keep in mind that press releases are around 400-500 words in length.


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Once you send us your responses, we will have what we need to compose the press release. We may have some additional questions that we will email to you, or phone you about, upon us composing the release. Thank you for providing this information request.

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