ArizonaBusiness.com is a phenomenal new extension of 10 Day Media’s marketing efforts. This particular opportunity represents more than what comes to the eye initially. First, 10 Day Media was granted the responsibility of the outreach program of contacting local business in the ArizonaBusiness Community in order to inform them of the New Branding tool and Exclusive Business Listing that will be limited to 3 per category in each business category. ArizonaBusiness.com is offering an unprecedented Branding opportunity that will allow local business owners to identify themselves with what they do and where they do it. Example: the Dentist in ArizonaBusiness would identify himself as Dentist@ArizonaBusiness.com OR if he really wants to be remembered for his Specialty he could list himself as Braces@ or Cosmedic@ or Implants@ or Pediatric@ you see how it works. You may tie it to your existing email address immediately and further strengthen your brand.


A Premium Business Email Address

Feature Story about your Business

Business Profile & Mini Site on ArizonaBusiness.com

Upgraded Premium Listing

$500.00 American Express Privileges Travel Rewards Card

The brand ArizonaBusiness.com holds great authority. Part of the vast opportunity for 10 Day Media is that it is a door opener and creates opportunity. Virtually everyone who has signed up thus far has bought multiple services from 10 Day in the form of a website or Landing page or Logo. This begins long term and exciting new business relationships. That have extremely profitable outcomes. Furthermore, is that Mr. Mercaldo has revenue share of almost 800 Cities. Arizona Business is only one-the first pilot. Our system for expeditious outreach is clearly effective and working. We have refined our phone script and have a number of telemarketers. We are improving our marketing materials and inner communication and systems which will be a duplicatable system across the country and can be a very profitable enterprise.

10 Day Media is also an investor in ArizonaBusiness.com and Geocentric Media who holds positions in nearly 800 Cities. We are dually motivated to make this business model a grand success. The symbiotic relationship between the two is highly complimentary.