10 Day Media will first focus on optimizing your online Brand presence. This strategy is critical as it will ensure that the foundation where all the website traffic is sent, is optimized and set up for best Search Power, optimal user experience and sales conversion practices.

On Page Optimization

10 Day Media will line each website page with the following: proper heading titles, meta descriptions, focus keywords, site meta tags, image optimization, and Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ open graph, and set up Google Knowledge Graph. This tactic is critical in showcasing to Google what the website is about and the keywords that are focused on for each page.

Site Speed Optimization

10 Day Media will optimize your website speed to ensure it is Google site speed compliant. This tactic is important as Google now incorporates site speed and user experience into their overall ranking algorithm.

Local Directory Audit, Cleanup, Optimization

10 Day Media will audit, cleanup and optimize the top 50 directories for your location. You will own all listings.


Content Calendar Creation

10 Day Media will create a monthly content calendar to support all blog writing and social media posting initiatives. This content calendar will showcase 4 blogs a month, titles, keyword recommendations and interlinking opportunities. 10 Day recommends that the social media management follows the content calendars as well to promote the keywords placed on the website.

Blog Creation, Optimization and Upload

10 day will write, optimize and upload three already written, blogs to your website per week. This will allow the writer to keep writing high quality and engaging content for you while allowing 10 Day to take the high quality content and upload and optimize it. Each blog will also come standard with a featured image that has your logo and blog title on it for best social sharing practices. Quite often we will include videos as well even if the video is brief and animated to include higher quality content.

Social Media Management

On a monthly basis, 10 Day will work in conjunction with the current social media team member at your company and provide weekly postings, 1 custom image a week, hash-tag utilization, and page promotion.

FEATURE STORIES: Unlike the existing Press release we are sending now to make sure we are constantly hitting the news. 10 Day bought into a platform target editors with a story about hemp or healing or Healing with Hemp where you are quoted as the local authority, whose opinion matters. This service has been purchased on your behalf -its called Meltwater the world’s best distribution to the Influencer’s of the Industry such as Bloggers, Thought Leaders and major Editors. Supporters of Hemp and Cannabis as a God given medicine that should be embraced rather than deterred.