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Global Services Group, Inc have just acquired 10 Day Media to add to our Multi-Media arsenal of public relation services. We are extremely excited for this acquisition and to have 10 Day Media’s outstanding reputation and proven track record on our team. We look forward to the future of this business venture and our ability to supply world class public relation services to our clients.

About US

Global Services Group is a full service PR & Media Firm. We specalize in lead generation through online branding & marketing. We use only the most effective, cutting edge marketing methods to ensure our clients get noticed fast.


In today’s ever crowded market place you must be better than your competition to succeed. The challenge is getting noticed and standing out from the crowd to drive business when you need it most. Marketing in todays digital age can be confusing & costly if not done with a proven strategy. Alot of businesses come to us after throwing away thousands of dollars on poorly managed marketing campaigns that simply didn’t work.


Global Services Group solves the problem by employing a team of Media, PR & Online Marketing Specialists to decode the confusion. Our team develops a digital marketing strategy tailored to fit each of our clients individual needs. We specialize in gaining local and national media attention, and getting our clients noticed fast. At Global Services Group we use the most cutting edge PR and online marketing strategies that have a proven track record to get.


Global Services Group fulfills the growing marketplace need for an all-in-one premium Branding, Marketing & PR Agency. We cater to local and national business who needs to gain media attention, revamp or develop their brand & drive incoming sales. We strive to be the go-to agency for all branding & marketing needs.

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Global Services Group has become best known for our PR & Media services. Our claim to fame is getting our clients featured in national publications & gaining media attention fast. We always start with this as our lead service. Media attention drives sales & that is truly what matters for business.


Quality PPC SEO & Social media positioning are critical to a successful and profitable online marketing campaign. Our expert team runs campaigns based on multiple data points to ensure the best possible return on campaign budget.


One key component to standing out from the crowd and truly impacting your market is brand and image. Appearance is everything! Our skilled team of designers give clients the edge they need to get noticed. Our design portfolio speaks for itself.


Its said that a picture is worth a thousand words, a quality video is worth millions. Global Services Group expertly crafts video sales media for our clients then syndicates that out to top sources for maximum exposure. This form of media is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal.


A quality web presence can mean the difference between sales or fails. A ton of knowledge, experience and analytical data goes into building a high converting web page. Not only are the sites that we produce beautiful, but most importantly functional where it counts most.


Lead generation is an art, that over the years we have mastered. All of the other services listed previous play into quality lead generation. We employ the most cutting edge strategies for high quality, low cost lead generation that converts. More leads equate to more sales.



Global Services Group has developed a top tier content marketing strategy that is focused on delivering results. Our work has been proudly featured in MSNBC, CNBC, Forbes, Yahoo Biz, Fox News, USA Today and many more.



  • Lead With Media To Get Our Clients Noticed

Global Services Group has strategic relationships with many media outlets as well as local directories & branding authorities. We leverage our relationships with sites like ArizonaBusinness.com to get a foot in the door and immediately provide value for our clients. This opens up a series of additional services to offer such as PR, Branding, Video, Reputation Management & Much more.

  • Branding & Positioning Optimization Services

After having our foot in the door with media, we already have the client’s trust. This unique positioning allows us to offer a series of additional creative & marketing services. We begin with Branding & Image. Every company needs to be 100% sure they put their best face forward and Global Services Group specializes in just that.

  • Online Marketing With Targeted Campaigns

Phase 3 of our process is marketing. This is where the rubber meets the road and all of the previous work really pays off in client ROI. Our simple turn key marketing process allows our clients to pay a set monthly fee and have all of the hard work done for them. This results in strong, leads, more sales & hassle-free, fully managed system.

Meet Our All Star Team



Troy has a strong and diverse entrepreneurial background that is star studded with highly successful business accomplishments. He is a master marketer who knows what it really takes to grow an enterprise in today’s competitive marketplace. He is highly skilled in Fund Raising, Public Relations, Marketing, Investing & Publishing. He is best known though for his uncanny ability to gain massive local and national media buzz for the companies he writes press for.



Carolyne Tait has provided value added Online marketing services for over 20 years with a sound background and desire to help business owners grow their online marketing presence with a multitude of services. The company’s original offering of website design, website hosting, domain name registration and management, website graphics, SEO and many more online marketing services. For two decades Carolyne has developed valued added products and services for business owner to further their online marketing goal.



Web Developer & SEO Specialist

Sandra’s vast knowledge base and background of design with a cross platform and strong emphasis on graphic and Web design to incorporate her keen eye for color and style applied in graphic and Web design for a decade. Sandra has as well an in depth knowledge of the most current graphic design programs. She is versed in the most up to date programming languages of PHP, Advanced PHP, MySQL, and XHTML/HTML5. Her no nonsense approach to utilizing Word Tracker for SEO, Blogging for Business brings a wealth of marketing talents that help keep the business visible and marketable.


I engaged Global Services Group for some exposure for our my company CFO Expertise. I wanted to be in front of the Phoenix and surrounding areas to get in front of everyone one more time before we started marketing for tax season. I was particularly impressed at how quickly and easily Global Services Group got it done. I was quoted in the AZ Central and a number of other online news and online spots. GSG get an A plus and are highly recommended.

Dennis Collins CFO of Expertise

Public Relations is very important in our industry. As we enter into an era whereby education is so critical, during a paradigm shift, its more important than ever to get the facts in people hands. We use GSG because we regularly hold high profile events. If we are to remain a credible authority in this industry we have to have great PR team-Global Services Group fits that bill! We are super happy with GSG.

David Fowler Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo

I hired Troy and his team to work with me to help promote my private practice and book. GSG upheld all of their promises, and exceeded my expectations. I was rendered speechless when I saw that I had been mentioned in Reuters, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! Finance and more. This is the type of work that catapults your credibility. I highly recommend Troy and his team (Rick, Cecilia), you’d be a fool not to work with them.

Nzingha West Owner of Urbane Academics, Director of Education and Operations, Author

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